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San Francisco Giants
Team name:  San Francisco Giants (1958-Pres.)
New York Giants (1885-1957)
New York Gothams (1883-85)
Location:  San Francisco, CA (1958-Pres.)
New York, NY (1883-1957)
Class:  Major League
League:  National League
Ballpark:  AT&T Park (2000-Pres.)
Candlestick Park (1960-99)
Seals Stadium (1958-59)
Polo Grounds (1883-1957)
First Game Against
June 18, 2002

The San Francisco Giants are a Major League Baseball team located in San Francisco, California since 1958.

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Relationship with Tampa Bay

While games between the Tampa Bay Rays and San Franciso Giants have been rare, the Giants have prior history with the Tampa Bay area. The then-New York Giants spent one spring, 1951, at Al Lang Field in St. Petersburg for spring training (the future spring home of the Devil Rays).

Failed Relocation to Tampa Bay

The biggest connection, however, to the Tampa Bay area was the sale of the San Francisco Giants by then-owner Bob Lurie for $110 million in August, 1992 to the Tampa Bay Ownership Group with the Giants to begin the 1993 season at the Florida Suncoast Dome (now home to the Rays as Tropicana Field, which was completed in 1990 with the purpose of attracting a Major League Baseball team to Tampa Bay). The Tampa Bay Ownership Group had nearly consummated deals in the prior several years with both the Chicago White Sox and Seattle Mariners to relocate to St. Petersburg. Additionally, they had been a finalist for the National League expansion that resulted in the creation of the Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies franchises.

Prior to the announcement of the sale (which was not yet, technically, complete), the Giants had been unsuccessful in obtaining public financing to build a replacement for Candlestick Park, and appeared to be successful in following through on a threat to leave for a market that could provide a new facility. The move still required approval of 10 of the 14 National League clubs (including Colorado and Florida, who were also to begin Major League competition in 1993) and a majority of the 14 American League clubs, as well as a financial review and the finalization of the new group's financing. In addition, Lurie was required to "accept or consider" other offers (presumably to allow for offers from sources willing to keep the Giants in San Francisco) within a two-week review process.[1]


Only one Major League trade between Tampa Bay and San Francisco has been completed: on April 28, 2006, the Devil Rays traded pitcher Carlos Hines to the Giants in exchange for pitcher Tyler Walker. Walker had been designated for assignment by San Francisco after a poor spring and start to the season,[2] but helped shore up an otherwise injury-prone bullpen for the Devil Rays, eventually stepping into the closer's role. He was sidelined by an injury of his own that landed him on the disabled list on June 14, which eventually required season-ending elbow surgery.[3] Walker was released at the end of the season and re-signed with San Francisco.

Common Personnel

Major League Players

The following players have made at least one regular-season, Major League appearance with both clubs as of the end of the 2012 season:


Name Seasons with
Tampa Bay
Seasons with
San Francisco
Wilson Alvarez 1998-99, 2002 1997
Dan Carlson 1998 1996-97
Doug Creek 2000-02 1996-97
Roberto Hernandez 1998-2000 1997
Al Levine 2003 2005
Damian Moss 2004 2003
Tyler Walker 2006 2004-08
Jay Witasick 2007 2002

Postition Players

Name Seasons with
Tampa Bay
Seasons with
San Francisco
Pat Burrell 2009-10 2010-11
Jose Cruz 2004 2003
Jose Guillen 1999-2001 2010
Aubrey Huff 2000-06 2010-12
Terrell Lowery 1999 2000
Dave Martinez 1998-2000 1993-94
Dave McCarty 2002 1995-96
Scott McClain 1998 2007-08
Dustan Mohr 2007 2004
Alex Sanchez 2005 2005
Rey Sanchez 2004 1998
Randy Winn 1998-2002 2005-09


Head to Head


# Date Opponent Result RS RA Win Loss Save Att. Record Link Notes
68 June 18 at San Francisco W 8 3 J. Kennedy (5-5) L. Hernandez (6-7) 36,869 24-44 [1]
69 June 19 at San Francisco L 0 8 J. Schmidt (3-2) R. Rupe (5-9) 35,909 24-45 [2]
70 June 20 at San Francisco L 2 10 R. Ortiz (6-4) T. Sturtze (0-8) 39,101 24-46 [3]


# Date Opponent Result RS RA Win Loss Save Att. Record Link Notes
55 June 8 San Francisco L 3 7 J. Williams (5-4) D. Waechter (3-6) 13,275 21-34 [4]
56 June 9 San Francisco W 4 3 D. Baez (2-1) T. Walker (4-1) 25,395 22-34 [5]
57 June 10 San Francisco W 5 2 V. Zambrano (6-4) K. Rueter (2-6) J. Colome (1) 10,630 23-34 [6]

Minor League Opponents

At the minor league level, few San Fransico-affiliated teams play (or have played) in the same leagues as Tampa Bay-affiliated teams.


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