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1998 Orlando Rays
City:  Orlando, FL
Class:  Double-A
League:  Southern League
Division:  East
Ballpark:  Tinker Field
Attendance:  144,126[1]
Record:  70-68
Owner/Operator:  Tampa Bay Devil Rays
General Manager:  Tom Ramsberger
Manager:  Dan Rohn[2]
Coaches:  Henry Cotto[3]
Pat Rice[2]

In 1998, the Orlando Rays were officially affiliated with the Seattle Mariners, although the team was owned and operated by Tampa Bay. Operations as a full Devil Rays affiliate in the Double-A Southern League wouldn't begin until the 1999 season[4] (the last classification to be on-board for Tampa Bay). However, under the terms of Orlando's player development contract with Seattle, the Devil Rays could assign up to four players to the O-Rays' roster at a time.[5]


The following players from the Tampa Bay organization spent time with Orlando during the 1998 season[6]:


Position Players


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