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1997 Orlando Rays
City:  Orlando, FL
Class:  Double-A
League:  Southern League
Division:  East
Ballpark:  Tinker Field
Attendance:  147,241[1]
Record:  63-75[1]
Owner/Operator:  Tampa Bay Devil Rays
General Manager:  Roger Wexelberg[2]
Manager:  Dave Trembley[2]
Coaches:  Manny Trillo[2]
Stan Kyles[3]

In 1997, the Orlando Rays were officially affiliated with the Chicago Cubs, although the team was owned and operated by Tampa Bay, who had purchased the franchise from the Cubs during the previous offseason, changing the club's name in the process (from Orlando Cubs).[4] Operations as a full Devil Rays affiliate in the Double-A Southern League wouldn't begin until the 1999 season (the last classification to be on-board for Tampa Bay). However, under the terms of Orlando's player development contract with Chicago, the Devil Rays could assign up to two players to the O-Rays' roster at a time[5].


The following players from the Tampa Bay organization spent time with Orlando during the 1997 season:


Position Players


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